reducing the cost of energy

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PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) Contract

Benefits of a PPA Contract:

1) Lower cost in electricity tariff
2) Long term energy cost reduction
3) Long term visibility of your energy costs
4) Energy cost stability
5) investment is made by the generating company
6) Costumer does not need to invest on capital
7) No need to rent or lease equipment
8) Does not require inspection of your equipment
9) Does not require inspection of your facilities
10) Avoid generate millions of tons of CO2
11) Business is recognized as a green responsible company
​12) Electricity is supplied as usual by your local power supplier
A PPA contract is a relatively new way to achieve savings on the price of electricity to "associate" with a power generating company, becoming at that time associated energy, allowing you to participate under the "co-generation" and exercise "self-consumption".
The power supply is formalized through a multi-year contract, in which the power generating company is committed to generate and supply electrical energy to the consumer business, based on the number of kilowatt hours previously agreed.