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The reforms of energy policies in Mexico opened new possibilities to reduce electricity costThe growing global demand the use of new energy sources, more efficient, clean and renewable, do not harm the environment or generate emissions of carbon dioxide ( CO2) has become necessary

Among the renewable energy technologies, solar energy generation is well positioned,  which has greatly improved its installation costs, making it increasingly attractive to use solar energy. The components have improved their performance substantially and reduced equipment costs.

Energy Reform in Mexico, December 11, 2013. Electricity - . " Transient Seventeenth. Within the period provided for in the transitional 4 of this decree, the Congress immediately make such adjustments to the legal framework to regulate the procedures for contracting for individuals on behalf of the nation, carry out, among others, financing, installation, maintenance, management, operation and expansion of the necessary infrastructure to provide the public service of electricity transmission and distribution,in terms of the provisions of this decree. "

Approval of new schemes and players to generate electricity is a substantial advance in Mexico that will help improve the competitiveness of enterprises with high energy consumption. On one side is created with less than the current cost, on the other hand, also favorably, generating millions of tons of carbon dioxide ( CO2) will be avoided. The lower cost is achieved with renewable technologies such as solar, which can now be exploited due to the reduction in the price of its components, such as solar modules and inverters.

The greatest benefit will be for businesses and government agencies soon to be incorporated into this new global trend.
By Using Solar Energy
Reducing Energy Cost

Energy Reforms in Mexico

Changes in energy regulations in Mexico will generate more new opportunities to reduce the cost of electricity.

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